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World Vegetarian Day

Green Chef Gives Top Tips on Viral Tik Tok Veggie Recipes

TikTok is renowned for its innovative recipes from the popular pesto eggs and feta pasta, to the questionable flour and water chicken. With World Vegetarian Day on 1st October, Green Chef takes a look at TikTok’s viral vegetarian recipes, suggesting tasty ways that you can spice them up at home!

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<h2>Carrot Bacon</h2>

Carrot Bacon

Meat substitutes are diversifying by the minute, and 'fakey-bacon' had its moment in the spotlight last year, remaining one of the most salivated-after recipes to storm 'veggietok'. Creator Tabitha Brown’s viral carrot bacon recipe became a sensation amongst vegetarians and has racked up over 21.3 million views since it was published.

The ingredients used to create carrot bacon are: sesame oil, honey, soy sauce and Dijon mustard. You can use it as a substitute in any bacon based delights, from a classic BLT sandwich, bacon topped burgers or served as part of a full breakfast!

Our expert tip on this one is to give it a sticky glaze using maple syrup. Coat your fakey-bacon strips in syrup, or alternatively opt for balsamic and brown sugar. Serve it up with pancakes for your own supreme veggie stack!

<h2>Cauliflower bites</h2>

Cauliflower bites

Cauliflower bites were immensely hyped up by 'TikTokers', so much so that this viral recipe is now seen in restaurants around the world. Cauliflower bites (or wings) are a replacement for buffalo chicken wings, and we have to admit that they make a pretty inconspicuous swap! Packing in all of the flavour just minus the meat content, they can be eaten on their own or served as a main with sides.

The ingredients you'll need are cauliflower, egg, double cream, almond flour (or alternative), paprika, garlic powder, salt and pepper and buffalo sauce.

We recommend switching up the ingredients for the coating, for example you could add sticky sesame, or sriracha, or why not prepare a blue cheese dip and enjoy an unforgettable appetiser!

<h2>Honeycomb pasta</h2>

Honeycomb pasta

Honeycomb pasta, or stuffed rigatoni pie, is a viral TikTok recipe that packs a punch. Though the original viral video included meat, vegetarians can cut out the meat and create a wide range of different versions of the honeycomb pasta-pie recipe.

TikTok content creator Eitan Bernath kept it simple with his viral clip, using just cheese and pasta sauce to create his version of the recipe.

While the ingredients you'll need are very simple, the possibilities are endless! Pick up pasta, your sauce of choice and cheese and you're all set.

Make for heavenly mouthfulls by stuffing the pasta shells with spinach and ricotta, or create your own pasta sauce by blending vegetables of your choice - of course, you could also add a bit of extra heat to the mix with some chilli!

<h2>Rice Paper Dumplings</h2>

Rice Paper Dumplings

These quick and easy pan fried dumplings went viral on TikTok and allow for dumpling lovers to explore endless flavours. The rice paper dumplings take minimal effort and only 15 minutes prep and cooking time which means you have plenty of time to try out different fillings and flavours, just make your favourite dip to go with them!

The ingredients consist of rice paper and the fillings of your choice! The TikTok recipe included cabbage, carrot and tofu.

Be adventurous with your fillings - you could try any vegetables you like. We recommend spinach and egg, or sweet potato and chickpea! Just don't forget to double up on the rice paper so your dumplings don't fall apart.

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