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Food Box Delivery - Recipe Boxes

Order your nutritionist-approved food box delivery today.
Order your nutritionist-approved food box delivery today.

Simplify your healthy eating plan with Green Chef recipes boxes. Simply pick a plan that suits your dietary needs (including options for Lower Carb, Vegan, Veggie, Keto, Pescatarian and Flexitarian) and enjoy delicious, nutritionist approved recipes inspired by global cuisines every week.
<H2>Why Choose a Food Box Delivery?</H2>

Why Choose a Food Box Delivery?

Why should you opt for a healthy food box delivery service like Green Chef?

  • Plan your weekly meals in a few clicks, skipping, pausing or cancelling to suit your plans online or on the handy app
  • Recipe variety – making sure you and your household family are never bored of the same old meals, and benefit from a wider variety on ingredients in your diet
  • Convenient food box delivery at a time and date to suit you – no midweek supermarket dashes or waiting in queues
  • Delicious, healthy, meals prepared in minutes
  • Pre-portioned ingredients means easier portion control and less waste

Green Chef's diet plans

Choose from 32 recipes for your food box each week. Discover nutritionist-approved recipes for specialised diets, as well as extras like granola, veggies and breakfast bundles.

Lower Carb

Fresh, satisfying dishes that are lower carb & simple to cook


Super low-carb with leafy greens, lean meat and dairy


Plant-based dishes rich in fibre, minerals and nutrients


Tasty fusion dishes with high-quality dairy, leafy greens, and plant protein


A balance of delicious seafood recipes and vibrant vegetarian dishes


Meat, fish, and vegetarian options for a healthy lifestyle
The Benefits of Food Boxes

The Benefits of Food Boxes

In our fast-paced lives, nutrition can sometimes take a back seat. Pre-portioned ingredients for nutritionist-approved recipes delivered to your doorstep can alleviate stress and delimitate the need for extensive meal planning and grocery shopping. This not only simplifies cooking and planning for a healthy diet but also reduces food waste. Meal kits often introduce individuals to new and diverse recipes, allowing us to enjoy more diversity in our diet and explore new cuisines. Additionally, they can contribute to healthier eating habits by emphasising fresh, high quality ingredients. For those with busy schedules, meal kits offer a practical solution to enjoy healthy meals without the hassle, making them a valuable and time-efficient addition to daily life.
Recipe Boxes Delivered To Your Door

Recipe Boxes Delivered To Your Door

Green Chef offers a flexible subscription service meaning you can skip, pause or cancel deliveries - or even change the delivery address - to suit your plans. You can plan your menu up to four weeks in advance, changing your box size, meal preference or portions as you need. If you’re not in to collect your delivery, no problem, the handy cool pouch will keep your ingredients fresh until you’re back.

Currently, we deliver to the below locations in the UK:

  • UK Mainland
  • Jersey
  • Guernsey
  • Isle of Man
  • Isle of Wight
    Unfortunately, we are unable to deliver to Northern Ireland and the Scottish Highlands and Islands. If we don’t deliver to you yet, check back for future updates.
<H2>What’s in a Green Chef Recipe Box?</H2>

What’s in a Green Chef Recipe Box?

Find out what to expect in your deliveries:

  • Easy to follow, step-by-step recipe cards
  • High quality, fresh pre-portioned ingredients in the exact right amounts to cook delicious recipes within your healthy eating goals at home
  • All packaged in a sturdy Green Chef box made of recyclable card
  • Innovative packaging to keep ingredients fresh and cool

    Find out more about specific diet plans from Green Chef.