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Meals For One from Green Chef

Whether you live alone or fancy a meal to yourself, cooking a meal for one is a great form of self care, and it can be an exciting way to explore new flavours and cuisines for dinner. Discover Green Chef’s meals for one, suited to your personal tastes and healthy eating goals. The smallest of the food delivery boxes serves two, but they’re also a great solution if you’re looking for easy meals for one. Not only can you enjoy meals for one for dinner, you’ll also have lunch sorted for the next day, which will encourage you to keep on track with your healthy eating goals.
Save directly on the Green Chef app

Save directly on the Green Chef app

The Green Chef app is the best way to manage your account, plan meals in advance and keep on top of you deliveries on the go. Scan the QR code with your smartphone, or click on the button below to redeem your discount on the Green Chef app.
Meal Ideas for One

Meal Ideas for One

When cooking meals for one, the focus should be on simplicity and speed, without compromising on flavour. It’s also a good ideas to think about meals that are easy to freeze, so you can batch cook and dave portions for a later date. Some great meals for one person include:

  • Easy to freeze recipes like curries, and ragus
  • Batch cook recipes like soups and stews
  • Quick prep recipes like salads, power bowls and pastas
Tips For Eating Alone

Tips For Eating Alone

Meal planning recipes for one can sometimes feel complicated, especially if you’re trying to avoid food waste and overbuying. Check out our top tips below for planning meals for one efficiently:

  • Be creative with leftovers, using the two person meal plan, you can save your second portion for lunch the next day
  • Meal prepping in advance, for even more time saved you can choose up two four portions
  • Minimise food waste: Green Chef ingredients come pre-portioned, so there’s far less waste from overbuying and leftovers
  • Enjoy the cooking process - did you know that cooking can be considered a mindful activity? Find out more about mindful cooking.
  • Use a service that offers meal delivery for one person
Solo Dining

Solo Dining

Many people feel anxiety about solo dining, however, eating alone can allow you to enjoy the experience by focusing purely on the food. It’s a gradual process building up your confidence, here’s some of our top tips:

  • Keep it local: starting small with a favourite restaurant or cafe can help you feel more comfortable exposing yourself to a solo dining experience
  • Focus on the food: Concentrate on the dining experience, immersing yourself in the flavours and texture of the meal
  • Challenge anxious thoughts: Maybe you’re conscious that other people are watching you, in reality, they probably haven’t taken notice. Try and challenge any negative thoughts you may be feeling and rationalise those emotions
  • Bring a book: Swap your device for a good book or your favourite magazine, keeping yourself distracted will allow you to fully enjoy the solo dinding experience
Recipes for One

Recipes for One

Cooking meals for one should never be boring. Whether you’re creating meals for one or five, there's no need to limit flavour and variety. WIth Green Chef you can choose from 120+ recipes every month, allowing you to discover new flavours and cuisines with every meal. Why not check out our easy meals for one like one pot and tray bake options, limiting time for prep and allowing you to focus on other tasks, or speedy recipes ready in as little as 15 minutes?

Meals For One

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer meal delivery for one person?

The smallest serving our meal delivery boxes offer is for two people. However, you can use leftovers for lunch the next day, or freeze for a rainy day.

What happens if my meal for one delivery arrives and I’m not home?

No problem, our cool pouch and ice packs will keep your ingredients in the freshest possible state until you’re home.

Can I skip my meal delivery for one person if I no longer need it?

You can skip, pause or cancel anytime, or simply swap your location. Just make sure to give us five days notice.