How Does Green Chef Work?

How do Green Chef meal plans work? Are you tied into a contract? If you're curious about our subscriptions, you've come to the right place.
How do Green Chef meal plans work? Are you tied into a contract? If you're curious about our subscriptions, you've come to the right place.

How Green Chef Works

Getting the right nutrition in your diet keeps you feeling energetic, strong and healthy, but who wants to spend hours reading food labels, researching recipes and counting macros? That's where Green Chef comes in, to cut out the hassle when it comes to your nutrition and find a personalised solution that works for you.

Our nutritionist chefs are the experts when it comes to specialised diets, which means they take the leg work out of eating healthy. Simply pick from six dietary preferences; Keto, Lower Carb, Vegan, Vegetarian, Pescatarian and Flexitarian and the pre-portioned recipes will be sent to your door.

You determine your healthy eating goals, and our nutritionist chefs will use their expertise to help you get there.
1. Build Your Plan

1. Build Your Plan

Whether cooking for yourself or your household, select a plan which best fits your lifestyle. Next, choose a box size based on your desired number of meals per week.

Need to cancel, change meals, or skip a week? Not a problem. Read on for more about managing your Green Chef delivery.

No matter your preference, you have the flexibility to mix and match meals to fit your needs.
2. Get Fresh Ingredients Delivered

2. Get Fresh Ingredients Delivered

We deliver fresh, pre-portioned ingredients to your door, based on the meals you selected for your preferred diet plan. Whether you’ve selected a vegan, vegetarian or keto diet plan, for example, you’ll receive step-by-step recipes and all the fresh, pre-portioned ingredients you need, straight to your door.
3. Receive your box, cook, eat, enjoy

3. Receive your box, cook, eat, enjoy

Cook nutritionist approved recipes in six simple steps. Need to change your address, delivery day or meals? No problem, just let us know five days in advance.


  • Deliciousness


    Our nutritionist approved recipes take six weeks to develop so we can ensure that they're not only easy to make, but they taste delicious too.

  • Simplicity


    Hitting your health goals should be a breeze, with plenty of 20 min recipes, one pan dishes and hacks to make cooking easier.

  • Flexibility


    Edit your recipes to fit your goals. Need to change delivery days, meals or your address? No problem.

  • Stress-free


    With planning, shopping and prep taken care of, you can find more time to start on those other self-care goals, like exercise or meditation, or just relaxing.

  • 6 Diet Preferences

    6 Diet Preferences

    The first recipe box to cater to Keto, Lower Carb, Vegan, Veggie, Flexitarian and Pescatarian diets

  • No waste

    No waste

    Pre-portioned ingredients save time and leftovers from the bin. Did you know that meal kits reduce total meal waste in comparison to traditionally cooked dinners by 38%?


Are there any commitments?

Not at all. Green Chef is a fully flexible subscription service. You can cancel, skip or pause weeks at any time, just give us five days notice.

Does Green Chef cater for different diets?

Green Chef plans include Keto, Vegetarian, Vegan, Lower Carb, Pescatarian and Plexitarian, so you can select recipes which cater for your specific dietary needs. Every recipe comes with detailed nutritional information, including food allergies. You can find this info on all recipe cards and online when you choose your meals.

Can I select my meals?

Yes, Green Chef customers can create their own bespoke meal plans every week by selecting from dozens of recipes, which change every week. You can also edit meals by swapping or adding ingredients to fit your goals. No time to select? We'll send you recipes based on your chosen plan.

What if I'm not home to receive my Green Chef delivery?

No problem. Our cool boxes will keep your ingredients fresh until you arrive home, otherwise you can add special delivery instructions to your account. You can also change your delivery day online if you need to.

What if I don't want a Green Chef delivery every week?

Its easy to skip weeks to fit your lifestyle, just pause your boxes until you're ready to resume.

How do I manage my Green Chef subscription?

Download our handy app or manage your account online. If you need additional support our customer care team are always happy to help.