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High Protein Meals

Looking for delicious, high protein recipes? Whether you're vegetarian, vegan or neither, Green Chef recipe boxes provide the perfect high protein meals for your weekly dinners.

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High Protein Meals For The Week

Green Chef high protein recipe boxes allow you to increase your protein intake whilst also enjoying tasty meals each day of the week. We aim to break down the barriers of healthy eating, so our recipe boxes help meet dietary needs without compromising on flavour and quality.

Each carefully packed Green Chef box contains premium pre-measured ingredients and easy-to-follow recipes for balanced dishes. Many of the ingredients, from chopped veg to delicious sauces, have been prepped for you, allowing you to save time without sacrificing flavour- perfect for a busy lifestyle.

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What's in a Vegeterian or Vegan High Protein Meal?

With our meal plan you can craft the high protein perfect recipe box for the following week.

Protein can come from more than just meat and dairy products. Foods such as beans, grains, tofu, avocado, all contain high protein and make for nutrient rich ingredients in tasty meals.

Choose a vegetarian or vegan high protein recipes and explore new ways to make exciting meals that give you the protein you need.

High Protein Low Carbs Meals

If you're looking to follow a keto diet but want to keep getting high protein levels from your meals, then our low carb, high protein recipe boxes are perfect.

You can have exciting, delicious high protein, low carb meals with the Green Chef recipe box. With a range of recipes that include salmon, tofu, eggs and more, you'll be sure to find something that matches your diet and tastes.

Explore our wide variety of recipes and choose a high protein keto meal delivery box with Green Chef today.