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Quick Dinner Ideas and Recipes To Try Today

Time saving solutions like tray bakes, one pot meals or even ultra quick 15 and 20 min recipes can help you take back precious time in the evenings. No matter your tastes or your diet preferences, we got plenty of quick dinner ideas to help speed up your weekly cooking time.
Quick Recipes - Ready in Under 20 Minutes

Quick Recipes - Ready in Under 20 Minutes

Looking for quick healthy dinner recipes that can be whipped up in 20 mins or less? From restaurant inspired Signature dishes designed to wow to classic mid week recipes with a twist, we’ve got plenty of recipes that will fit the bill. Check out our favourite healthy and quick dinner ideas below.
Quick Healthy Dinners for Specialised Diets

Quick Healthy Dinners for Specialised Diets

In today’s fast paced world, it can be tempting to rely on ready meals to save precious time in the evenings, especially if you follow a specific diet and aren't confident cooking. However cooking up a healthy and delicious weekday meal doesn’t have to take all evening. No matter your preference of diet goals, we’ve got plenty of recipes to help save you time.

Keto meals are ready in under 20 minutes

Quick Meal Ideas and Tips

Cooking healthy meals should be quick and easy so you can spend less time in the kitchen and spend more time enjoying the recipes and spending time on self care goals. A Green Chef food box cuts out lengthy meal prep, planning and shopping, and our pre-portioned ingredients and easy-to-follow, quick recipes save you time too.
Five Time-Saving Hacks for Quick Dinners

Five Time-Saving Hacks for Quick Dinners

Get Your Timings Right Cooking quickly is all about planning. For example, while one ingredient is frying or boiling you can prep and chop the next, ensuring that everything finishes at the same time.

Peeling Hacks Peeling can be the enemy of a quick recipe, but there are a few hacks that can shave off your prep time. The skin from garlic and shallots can be loosened by shaking in a jar, simply grab a jar with a lid and shake for around 30s to help loosen the skin. Tricky veg like butternut squash can be loosened in the microwave, simply pierce the skin with a fork and then pop in the microwave for three minutes. Make sure to cool before peeling!

Faster Cooking Ingredients cook faster when they have a smaller surface area. Whether it's baking veggies, sautéing onions, or softening butter, the smaller chunks the ingredients are cut into, the quicker they will cook.

Plan Ahead Planning your meals for the week keeps cooking as streamlined as possible, removing unnecessary stress from ingredients being missing keep your week organised. You can also double up on recipes to ensure you have lunch for the next day.

Time Saving Appliances We love a time saving appliance like spiralizers, perfect for courgetti, multi blenders which can help grate and chop your veg, as well as making quick soups and sauces and air fryers and microwaves to speed up cooking times.

Take on these time-saving hacks and you’ll be preparing quick healthy dinners before you know it. For more time saving recipes check out our weekly menu.