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Why You Should Choose Low-Emission Recipes?

One more way to make everyday sustainable food choices with Green Chef

Our most sustainable recipes yet...

Good for You, Good for the Planet…

It’s important to us that our menu isn’t just good for you, it’s good for the planet too, so we’re always looking for ways to make it easier to eat sustainably. That’s why we’re introducing innovative Low-Emission recipes to our menu.

These dishes have the smallest carbon footprint of all the recipes on our weekly menu, and at the same time produce 50% lower than the average carbon emissions than our recipes from the first half of 2022.

We'll be tagging 5 recipes each week with the lowest carbon emissions, so look out for our special "Low-Emission*” tags on your Green Chef menu.

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Supporting Sustainable Food Choices

Supporting Sustainable Food Choices

Did you know that by cooking with Green Chef, you're generating fewer emissions than traditional ways of eating? This is because cooking with pre-portioned ingredients helps to eliminate food waste, and because our lean supply chain produces fewer emissions. Your Green Chef deliveries are also carbon neutral, as we offset 100% of our company's operational and distribution-related carbon emissions.
Why You Should Choose Low-Emission Recipes?

Why You Should Choose Low-Emission Recipes?

How we choose to eat has a big impact on the climate because food production is a major contributor of greenhouse gases. Did you know that 35% of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions come from food? To help you make informed decisions, we measure the environmental impact of our recipes by looking at the CO2 equivalents (CO2e) emitted and identifying the weekly recipes that produce the lowest amount of emissions through our new Low-Emissions tag.
How Do We Select Our Low-Emission Recipes?

How Do We Select Our Low-Emission Recipes?

HowGood is the world’s largest product and ingredient sustainability database. Green Chef has partnered with HowGood to measure the CO2e impact of the ingredients used for your recipes. They draw data from hundreds of third-party scientific and peer-reviewed studies to conduct an ingredient-level CO2e impact assessment. The majority of CO2e emissions are produced before the ingredients arrive at our distribution centre, from land use, production and the processing of ingredients. That's why we calculate the impact of our recipes from this part of the chain. We then use these findings to calculate the emissions per serving, using the precise weight of each ingredient. Although emissions created from transport and packaging are not currently included in our calculations, we are looking at ways to incorporate this data.

More information

For more information about HowGood’s CO2e impact modelling methodology, please see [here]

If you have further questions for us, please contact us on 02045381121

If you have further questions for us, please contact us on 02045381121.
*For a small set of ingredients, proxies were used to estimate emission factors. The proxies were determined in accordance with guidelines provided by HowGood. However, HelloFresh, not HowGood, selected the proxies to estimate emissions, and determined whether emissions met HelloFresh’s standard for “Low-Emission.” HowGood has not performed any independent investigation into whether the proxies are accurate or reliable or whether the ingredients are “Low-Emission” and is not responsible for any reliance upon HelloFresh’s “Low-Emission” designation in consumer purchasing or other decisions.*