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10 Clever Ways To Use Food Waste

Food Waste

Food waste is a huge problem in our society and the amount of food waste from households that needlessly ends in landfill every day is shocking.

If you’re wondering what happens to food waste, any food waste that is not recycled may be sent to landfill where it rots. Rotting food waste causes a damaging impact on the environment by releasing methane, a potent greenhouse gas, affecting climate change.

Most food waste is avoidable, and by talking about ways in which we can combat our food waste, we hope to reduce the burden of food waste on our planet.

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<h2>How To Reduce Food Waste</h2>

How To Reduce Food Waste

Ahead of Zero Waste Week, we’re sharing our top 10 hacks on how to reduce your food waste, by using any leftover ingredients in clever ways you may never have thought of before!

From eating parts of vegetables you’d usually throw away, to using food waste to naturally medicate symptoms of illness and even using food waste to benefit your hair and skin, read on for our top food waste ideas. Not only will these hacks save you money, but they’ll help you do your bit to care for the planet too.

Top 10 Food Waste Hacks To Follow At Home:

1. Leaving cucumber peels at any entrance points to your home will safely deter ants from entering - as they do not like the scent.
2. Coffee grounds, and ground fruit stones and nut shells contain a huge amount of skin-loving ingredients that will exfoliate the natural way when added to a DIY body or face scrub.
3. Don’t throw away your cauliflower leaves! These underestimated leftovers are delicious when roasted with a little olive oil and salt and pepper.
4. If you’ve left your yoghurt a little after its use by date, why not use it to condition your hair and scalp, and aid faster hair growth? Massage plain yoghurt into your scalp and let it sit for 15 mins, letting the lactic acid do its thing and remove the dead skin cells.
5. Unused kale and broccoli stalks can be kept and made into hearty soups.
6. Hang on to banana skins. Add them to a bucket of water and let them steep. After a few days, the phosphorus and potassium-rich solution will be a natural food for any garden of houseplants.
7. There’s no need to throw away your potato skins. Full of essential nutrients that could improve bone health and have anti-allergic properties, we recommend always leaving your potato skins on! If you really need to remove them, keep potato skins and roast them for a delicious starter or side dish.
8. Eggshells can be cleaned and ground into a calcium-rich powder, which can be used to remove limestone deposits in your bathroom.
9. Many people discard carrot leaves when preparing food, but did you know that you can tear them and toss them into salads (they taste a bit like parsley), or blend them into a range of different guises including pesto, hummus, or even smoothies.

Getting creative and reusing leftover ingredients, as suggested in the 10 food waste hacks listed above, is a step towards a zero waste lifestyle.

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