Anna Tebbs - Green Chef’s Head Chef & Registered Nutritionist

Learn all about our Registered Nutritionist, Anna Tebbs’ experience, expertise, knowledge and passion for food here.
Learn all about our Registered Nutritionist, Anna Tebbs’ experience, expertise, knowledge and passion for food here.
Meet Anna Tebbs: Registered Nutritionist

Meet Anna Tebbs: Registered Nutritionist

Anna is our Head Chef and one of our Registered Nutritionists here at Green Chef. Learn more about her experience, passion and expertise here.

Get to Know Anna Tebbs, Our Registered Nutritionist

With over a decade of experience, there’s nothing about food and nutrition our Registered Nutritionist, Anna Tebbs, doesn't know. With an educational background in Food Science and Nutrition (BSc from the University of Leeds), Anna has worked across many well-known retailers, restaurants and manufacturing sites, developing products including Tesco meat and fish products, and food to go, such as sandwiches and salads.

Anna is a Registered Nutritionist with Associate for Nutrition, which means that in addition to meeting the knowledge and understanding requirements of an ANutr, she has also demonstrated the consistent and independent application of nutrition science to her professional practice within a specialist area of competence and commitment to continual personal development.

Anna has been the heart of our culinary team since Green Chef’s conception, going above and beyond to make sure that everything the culinary team creates is of the highest quality. As well as managing the team, as Head Chef, Anna also comes up with some of our most loved recipes, from vegan “Fish-less pie” to her Signature Pan-Fried Sea Bass and Salsa Verde.

A Word from Anna Herself

"My passion for food started young, by being brought up in a food-focused household! Three generations of food technology teachers (my mum, grandma and great-grandma), my dad working as an electrical engineer in food factories (unlimited supplies of Heinz ketchup and Mars bars) made sure I loved food.

I remember my mum making me do taste tests when young - for example, could I taste the difference between red and blue tomato ketchup (if anyone remembers that!).

Food has always been at the centre of my family and my passions, and food is my love language. Dinner parties are my favourite weekend activity!

I don’t follow a specific diet, such as keto, low carb, etc. myself, but I make sure to eat lots of vegetarian food, plenty of fatty fish, and get my 30+ plant sources per week. Green Chef’s Golden Sea Bass is the first meal I cooked at home when Green Chef launched - so it will always feel special to me! The mix of colours, nutrients and nuts really appeal to me.”
Want to hear more from Anna? Give her a listen on Simply Vegan or The Food Programme podcasts. You can read up on what she has to say on portion size, the benefits eating cherries has on your sleeping pattern and how to keep your vitamin D levels topped up through the foods you eat here.