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Transitioning to Vegan

Transitioning to Vegan

Green Chef Vegan Diet Four Step Guide

Green Chef Vegan Diet FOur Step Guide


Are you thinking of transitioning to vegan this year? Or maybe you just want to introduce more plant based meals into your diet... Whatever your goals, we’re here to help you transition from omnivore to herbivore. We’ve got lots of top tips, plus a four step solution to help you follow a healthy plant based diet.

Week One - Starting Slow

It might seem daunting at first to switch from a meat based to a plant based diet, it’s really common to try and go all in on your vegan diet straight away and then give up on day two. So, a handy tip is to start with a “vegan day of the week”, or even smaller than that, introducing just one vegan meal into your weekly rotation. This will help you build confidence cooking vegan meals, help you to discover new delicious plant -based ingredients, and it’s the first step towards transitioning to a completely meat free diet.

Top tip: give Meat Free Monday a go. Creating a structure around your new diet will help you work out a routine and eventually make veganism a daily habit. Plus you can follow the hashtag #MeatFreeMondays on Twitter and Instagram. Feeling part of a community will help encourage you to stay on track, and you share tips and feel the support of others.

Week Two: Learn To Veganise Your Meals

Are there certain foods you’re struggling to let go of when transitioning to vegan? Luckily nowadays there’s a plant based solution for every craving. If your favourite dish is a cheesy spag bol, or ice cream there’s nothing telling you that you have to give it up just because you’re going vegan.

Vegan substitutes are getting more delicious every minute. Did you know that there are dedicated food scientists whose role it is to make plant based substitutes taste like meat? They use ingredients like soy, pea proteins, and coconut oil to emulate a meaty texture and flavor. Whether it's cheese, nuggets, mince meat or burgers, there’s plenty of wonderful meat free versions of familiar meals.

    Week Three: Discovering Your New Vegan Favourites

    Many people worry that becoming a vegan will restrict what they are eating, but we think changing diet is an opportunity to discover lots of exciting new foods. Have you heard of chia pudding? Or maple tofu bacon? Have you flavoured a dish with nutritional yeast? It might be a little daunting at first, and maybe you're a little nervous to try new and strange sounding foods, but you might find you discover your new favourite dish by trying something new.

    Transitioning to vegan is also a chance to discover new cuisines. For example, did you know that most South Indian dishes are plant based? There’s also lots of vegan dishes in Burmese and Ethiopian cuisines. Whilst we associate Italy with cheese and meat, Italy actually has a diverse range of cooking styles depending on the region. Many South Italian dishes are actually plant based. Surprise yourself and try something new! From seitan and black rice, to nut butters and seaweed, your new favourites are waiting to be discovered.

    Week Four: Growing Confidence as a Vegan Chef

    One of the biggest helpers for transitioning to vegan is to swap meals out for meals in. Whilst restaurants are becoming better equipped at catering for vegan diets, it’s hard to avoid temptations at home. Plus, it’s important to grow confidence as a vegan chef to help you to avoid slip ups. If you can whip up a delicious vegan meal in minutes there’s no need to go back to cheesy pasta! Plus, it’s cheaper (and often healthier) to eat in.

    Top tip: keep your fridge stocked with vegan essentials like nut or oat milk, plant butter and vegan mayo. Condiments and sauces are your secret weapon. When learning to cook vegan, don’t underestimate the power of a good marinade. Use ingredients like lemon juice, soy sauce, sriracha, peanut butter and tahini to spice up dishes.

    Final Thoughts

    Take it easy on yourself! Transitioning to vegan is tricky. As you slowly move from a meat free day to incorporating more vegan foods into your diet, you can always have a “cheat” day. Dedicate one day of the week to eating whatever you like without feeling guilty, it’s all about starting somewhere.

    It’s ok to slip up, just remember that by attempting to reduce meat and dairy in your diet that you're making a positive impact on the environment, and your health.